About Us

Since 2007, we have been dedicated to producing lavish household plants and accessories that were meticulously crafted to bring forth
the wealth and beauty they've been designed to do over centuries.


Tropical and exotic houseplants like the indoor bonsai or lucky bamboo bring a sense of beauty and tranquility to anyhome.
These low-maintenance indoor plants not only bring a touch of nature to your décor, they also help to purify the air,
making your home a healthier place to be. At 9Greenbox, you'll find a wide variety of houseplants, from the quirkyto
the classic. Whether you're an experienced gardener with a green thumb or just starting out, we have the
plantsyou need to make your house into a real home.

Gardens of your Dreams

Transform your yard into a work of art with our aged bonsai. With years of training these trees are
crafted to bring peace and tranquility to the home

Flowers & Trees for Your Garden

Watch carefully for every plant’s individual needs!

From Season to Season

As the weather changes throughout the year, you’ll also have to change how you care for your plant

In Spring, the timing must be right. Know the in and outs of when to plant and where.Each species requires their own type of soil, pH level, and placement for sunlight
Summer is the height of the growing season. Stay on top of fertilizing so your plant gets the perfect amount of nutrients for flower and fruit production
For Fall, your plant will begin to slow its growth rate as temperatures get colder. Mulch or prune in preparation for frost
When Winter arrives, your plant may go into dormancy and drop its leaves. Stop fertilizing, cut back on watering and place your plant in an area with dim lighting