About Us

Our small nursery in Southern California has been dedicated to producing lavish household plants and accessories since 2007.

Here at 9Greenbox, we have a passion for Feng Shui - a Chinese philosophy of harmonizing people with the environment around them. Just like how sitting in a garden can bring calm, tranquil effects, we hope to bring that same magic to the inside of your home.

Our selection of plants are meticulously crafted to bring forth the wealth and beauty they've been designed to do over centuries.

All our plants are either grown locally or in other regions of North America. We carry plants ranging from cactus, desert rose, and strawberries, to more exotic types like the passionflower and string of pearls. Most of the sizes we sell are in four-inch pots, but some are in quarter to gallon sized pots if available.

Our location has several large greenhouses with thousands of plants. The plants are sectioned into individual areas depending on their species and requirement of care.

For instance, we have a small area dedicated just for air plants. Money trees are lined up on their own racks, and hanging plants dangle in baskets between some aisles. Lucky Bamboo are stored in containers where we change out the water out least once a week. Carnivorous plants are strategically placed so they receive lots of sunlight. We only give our plants filtered, distilled water.

Sometimes, our vendors just send us baby plants, but that’s okay. We keep them for up to several months so they can grow big and strong.

Some of the flowers are incredible when we let them sit long enough! Springtime is the best part of the year to order whatever’s blossoming.

The potting station has been constructed so that several workers can plant at the same time. Much of our potting soil is harvested right on our property, along with a mix of mulch, organic material and slow release fertilizer depending on the plant.

Outside, we have a separate large portion of land where we put succulents and other sun-loving plants.

Quality control is important to us, and all yellow and damaged leaves are pruned from the plants before we send them out. During the colder months of the year, the plants may naturally have lesser leaves and could be smaller in general, but don’t worry. In spring they usually bounce right back.

The art of maintaining a miniature plant, or bonsai, is a perfect example of Feng Shui. The term bonsai doesn’t refer to a specific plant itself, but is a broader term for this general training method. Some of the more popular bonsai specimen are Juniper and Elm trees. If done just right, the plant will look like an aged, smaller version of the bigger trees we see outdoors.

So, where do our bonsai come from? Our Juniper, Elm, Fukien trees and Lucky Bamboo are all imported from Taiwan in the highest quality, where we assemble them in various styles within our greenhouses.

When you submit your order, we print it in our office and then then our workers get busy. Plants must be handled gently, so it can take up to three business days to prepare for shipment, then your order should only spend up to five business days in transit. Our plants are non-GMO and organic.

During times of extreme weather conditions, we may place certain orders on hold. The last thing we want is your plant to cook in its box during a heat wave or to freeze solid during a winter storm.

A certain item may also be out of stock, and we could be waiting for the next shipment so that we can send the order out. During these times, we ask for your patience, please!

If you ever have an issue with your order, please feel free to e-mail us at cs@9greenbox.com. We would be happy to issue a free replacement or refund for any dead or damaged plants.