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Bonsai refers both to the art of growing and shaping miniature trees as well as the trees themselves. The goal is to use techniques such as pruning and wiring to create trees that closely resemble their natural counterparts, but shrunk to down a miniature size suitable for growing indoors. There are many bonsai plant types for sale in our very own nurseries, including juniper bonsai trees--an excellent choice for those just beginning to learn the art of bonsai--and Chinese elm bonsai, another indoor bonsai species that makes a striking and graceful addition to any home.

In addition to the trees themselves, you'll also find all the bonsai accessories and supplies you'll need to shape, display and care for your bonsai tree. Though they're not difficult to care for, bonsai trees do need a bit of attention from time to time, and each purchase includes a simple care guide. From regular repotting to careful pruning, keeping your tree looking its best is easy with our bonsai tree care tools. Find everything you need to care for a bonsai at 9Greenbox!