7 Tips to Decorate Your Home With House Plants

7 Tips to Decorate Your Home With House Plants

Wanting to start decorating your home with house plants? You have a fantastic idea brewing! House plants can add character and texture to any room, and can also be beneficial by increasing air quality and air moisture. Decorating with houseplants is more popular than ever, and more people are growing house plants because they are so enriching and beautiful. Here are 7  useful tips for arranging and caring for plants so they look aesthetically pleasing and matching for your home décor and overall lifestyle. 


Group plants in even or odd numbers can have different visual impact. Grouping in an odd number (e.g. 5, 7, 9, 11) gives off more of a casual, informal look. Grouping in an even number can give off a more symmetrical and formal look. Either way, try not to clutter your space as simplicity is best. 


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Plants will always look better grouped than individual, so go with groupings of three plants or more. Group identical plants together for a lush, contemporary feel, or cluster ferns for a forested look. Typically, tall plants do better in the back of groups, and a few small flowers up front can really brighten a room. You can also group several species of plants together in one pot, with a tall centrepiece plant surrounded by smaller groundcover plants.


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Group together plants that have different widths and heights. The difference in size will give off a more organic look than plants of the same size, which look more uniform.


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Choose plants with different shapes and growth types. For example, place a squat trailing plant, a fountainlike plant, and a tall plant with upward leaves together for an arrangement with interest and harmony. 


Do pay attention to the color of the plants you choose. For a cohesive look, put plants together that have leaves of the same color. For more variety, go for plants with foliage of different colors.


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Like with color, choosing pots can go one of two ways based on personal preference. You can use pots with similar finishes and colors to make the arrangement look like a set. Or you can combine all your favorite pots of different materials and colors for an eclectic finish. 


Identify which are the brighter areas of your home (usually the windows) and which are dimmer spots. Place plants according to the level of sunlight they need, usually bright or direct light, moderate or indirect light, and low light.

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