Why Do They Call It Lucky Bamboo? is It Really That Fortuitous?

Why Do They Call It Lucky Bamboo? is It Really That Fortuitous?

IN THE ANCIENT Chinese art of Feng Shui, there are certain objects that can be used to enhance the positive flow of energy. They can be placed at different areas of your home or offices. The lucky bamboo plant is one of our favourite choices for Feng Shui cures. These bamboo are believed to bring positivity and prosperity to your life.

The lucky bamboo got its name as it is believed to attract abundance in many areas of life. Among the Chinese, the Lucky Bamboo is known as Fu Gwey Zhu, signifying:

  • Fu - luck and fortune
  • Gwey - power and honor
  • Zhu – Bamboo

It will bring even more fortune when you receive it as a gift. Seen as a beacon of good energy, when well-taken care of the lucky bamboo will grow into a central décor in your home or garden.  

Like any object in Feng Shui, the right placement of lucky bamboo plant is absolutely crucial in order to reap maximum results. A lucky bamboo that is placed in the right position can get you tons of positive energy. In general, there are two popular positions: 

  • East: when bamboo plant is placed in Eastern side, it is meant to attract health benefits to you and your family.
  • South-East: the South-East well-known as a zone of wealth and money, so we recommend to place your lucky bamboo in the South-Eastern section of your home or office if you wish to strengthen your finances and attract wealth. 

    In addition, the Feng Shui teachings posit that the positive effect of the lucky bamboo plant differs with the number of Lucky Bamboo stalks that are bound together.

    No. of stalks

    Positive Effect

    Two Bamboo Stalks

    Two Bamboo Stalks are supposed to bring in abundance of love and double the luck factor. People gift this to express their love and affection.

    Three Bamboo Stalks

    Three Bamboo stalks is very popular as a gift. The combination of three stalks is supposed to bring in happiness, long life and career promotions

    Four Bamboo Stalks

    Four Bamboo Stalks represents bad luck.

    Five Bamboo Stalks

    Five Bamboo Stalks attracts positive healthy energy in five areas of life such as emotional, intuitive, mental, physical and spiritual.

    Six Bamboo Stalks

    Six Bamboo Stalks is supposed to bring in opportunities to increase your wealth.

    Seven Bamboo Stalks

    Seven Bamboo Stalks is supposed to bring in positive energy to endow a person with good overall health.

    Eight Bamboo Stalks

    Eight Bamboo Stalks is supposed to bring in positive energy to increase fertility.

    Nine Bamboo Stalks

    Nine Bamboo Stalks bestows great luck to the receiver.

    Ten Bamboo Stalks

    Ten Bamboo Stalks denotes all things good in life. Gifting Ten Bamboo Stalks shows that you want the person to have a perfect happy life.

    The lucky bamboo plays a truly significant role as a living embodiment of the Feng Shui principles. Like any other house plant, the key is to make sure you give it enough love and attention, and it will bring more prosperous fortuity into your live. Learn the best ways to care for your lucky bamboo plant by clicking here.

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