Not A Green Thumb? 3 Types of Household Plants Anyone Can Grow

Not A Green Thumb? 3 Types of Household Plants Anyone Can Grow

If you’re entirely new to starting your very own home garden or incorporating household plants to your home décor, don’t be intimidated! It’s not as difficult as it seems. Growing indoor household plants is very easy and brings in fun for the whole family. In today’s blog, we showcase 3 of the easiest low-maintenance, beautiful, and beneficial plants you can add to your home.


The Ficus is an indoor tree with shiny leaves that adds a cheery vibe to any home. It’s glossy green leaves spread out from an upright woody plants that’s available as a single-trunk tree of multistem shrub. The stems can also be braided for a tidy topiary effect that many love. 

Size: Between 1 - 12 feet high and 1 - 10 feet wide

Care conditions: Ficus species love the sun, or minimally spaces exposed to bright light. Keep it dry or barely moist soil and water in between every few days. Room temperatures between 65 - 75°F.

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The Snake Plant is one of the easier indoor plants to grow due to its carefree, tough nature. They can tolerate neglect but appreciate good care. These plants grow leathery, sword-shaped leaves with yellow or white edges, giving it its name. The Snake Plant is perfect for beginners and when grown in bright light, will boom small, white flowers. Perfect as desktop or tabletop plants. 

Size: Between 6 - 48 inches high and 6 - 36 inches wide

Care conditions: Highly adaptable, this plant strives in a range of lighting conditions. They should be kept ideally where air and soil is somewhat dry. Room temperatures between 60 - 85°F.

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The Spider Plant has a striking look, resembling a hanging basket or a spider with more legs than it should (hence it’s name!). This species has a unique pattern whereby it has a cultivar ‘Vittatum’, which is a white stripe down the center of each leaf. They worked particularly well as hanging plants as well. Spider Plants make excellent house plants or indoor plants as they are not only such easy-growing plants but have beneficial properties in cleansing the air of pollutants, especially formaldehyde and carbon monoxide. A great choice for new hobbyists that will never go out of style.

Size: Between 6 - 12 inches high and 6 - 24 inches wide

Care conditions: Spider plants strive in evenly moist soil and medium to bright lighting. Room temperatures between 65 - 75°F.

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