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by Brad Moss August 07, 2018

YOU CAN REALLY bring your home garden to the next level by sprucing it with décor and accessories on top of your green plants. It’s really easy and fun to redesign your own yard or garden using a variety of suppliers, décor, and figures you can find. You first need to choose your garden theme such as formal, English, cottage, Japanese, Oriental, or Mediterranean. After choosing your theme, start fitting in proper flowers, plants, and accessories to fit the theme of your garden. 

9greenbox home decor

There are many décor items you can add to your garden such as ornaments, accessories, fountains, bird feeders, pots, vases, and garden statues. Focal points, such as fountains, bird baths, and other water features, can provide beauty along with the calming effects of the trickling water. Water will also cool the air and perhaps bring in some birds or other visitors from nature. 

Arches, trellises and arbors will provide support for plants and also add a nice architectural feature to the garden. You may also want to add a garden sculpture or sculptures. There are many to choose from. You may want to choose sculptures that go with your garden theme or maybe some elegant or even some funny or whimsical ones. 

9greenbox home decor

Lighting is another thing that you may want to consider for your garden. There are several choices of lighting appropriate for gardens at home improvement stores. Lighting in the garden will allow you and your family to enjoy your garden any time of the day or night. There are also outdoor heaters such as chimineas or outdoor clay fireplaces and outdoor wood burning fire pits.

Creating a home garden does not have to be expensive or stressful. There are many garden décor items that you can make yourself, such as fountains and other water features, stepping stones, etc. Check out our home décor collection on the best deals on garden décor items. With careful planning and care, your home garden can provide the perfect place for you and your family to relax and enjoy nature.

Brad Moss
Brad Moss


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