9GreenBox - Chinese DogWood Bonsai Seed Kit- Gift - Complete Kit to Grow Chinese DogWood Bonsai Bonsai from Seed

  • $12.99

Good Gift ideal for everyone want to watch their own bonsai grow from seeds. Good education and learning experience. The Dogwood species range anywhere from groundcover, multi branched shrub or tree, or a single trunk ornamental tree form. Dogwood trees are considered by many as the best all-round flowering trees. Dogwoods are most known for their outstanding display of flowers in the spring. Cornus kousa, also known as Kousa dogwood, Japanese dogwood, or Chinese dogwood, is a small, handsome specimen tree or shrub. This handsome little tree adds year-round beauty, for white flowers in May and June give a Milky Way effect, while purple and scarlet fall leaves add intense color. The beautiful tree form has horizontal branching. It is planted as a specimen, near a patio, or in groupings. The Kousa is not as susceptible to disease as the white dogwood in spring. Blooms later and with a softer-petaled flower than the white flowering dogwood. Because of its disease resistance, it is becoming the best replacement for the white dogwood. Kousa Dogwood has low water requirements and displays a moderate tolerance for salt and alkali soils. Partial shade to full sun. Grows to 15' to 25', 25' spread. Hardy in zones 5-8. In groupings plant 10-15' apart.