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Bronze Higgins Muscadine Grape Plant

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These spicy-sweet thick-skinned grapes are an old Southern favorite and are found growing wild throughout the lower South. They thrive with little care, and the vines can remain productive for 100 years. Modern breeding has brought us a wonderful range of varieties: wine grapes for the home vintner and jelly maker, plus delicious fresh-eating varieties, some as large as golf balls.

The Higgins is a Bronze Female Scuppernong with 16% sugar content fruit growing on a vigorous vine with generous production. These scuppernongs have thick skin and are fully edible; the color ranges from pink to reddish bronze. Ripens mid-late season.

Product Features
  • Homegrown by Hirt's Gardens in Medina, Ohio
  • Pollinater needed
  • Premier fresh eating and wine grape
  • Large bronze grape is sweet and juicy. Hardy Zones 7-9 (zone 6 if protected)
  • Immediate shipping. Small starter plant in 4" pot.
    Bronze Higgins Muscadine Grape Plant - 9GreenBox