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Chanel No.5 Perfume Tree 10 Seeds -Ylang Ylang- Cananga


Native to Southern India, Java, Malaysia, the Philippines and other Pacific islands, the Cananga odorata is the true Chanel No.5 Perfume Tree. It's common name is Ylang-Ylang, pronounced (ee-lang ee-lang) and is among the most celebrated flowering trees in the world Made famous by Coco Chanel who in 1923 said upon introducing Chanel No.5 in Paris, "I wanted a perfume that is composed - not hints of roses or lilies of the valley. A woman's perfume - redolent, evocative of a woman. A perfume unlike any other ever made. The ideal scent for a woman." So is Ylang-Ylang like Chanel No.5 or is Chanel No.5 perfume like the scent of this tree? Except for the alcohol and added power of its oils, the perfume smell to your nose is nearly identical to the tree. These famous blossoms are now used in many other types of perfumes as well CANANGA ODORATA - YLANG YLANG. Common name: alangilang, ylang ylang, ilang ilang. Family: annonaceae (annona family). Originally from Indonesia, this medium sized tropical tree is now also growing in Suriname. Cananga is growing up to 40' tall, has simple alternate leaves. The flowers are yellow and very fragrant and ylang ylang also has medicinal properties; it is used in aroma - therapy and can slow down rapid breathing and rapid heart rate. The black avoids fruits have many black seeds. The oil made from the flowers has a calming effect. Hardiness: USDA zone 9B - 11. Propagation: seeds. Culture: full sun, wet moist soil. Protect from frost or plant in frost free spots. Can be kept as a container plant indoors in the cooler zones. Makes a great house plant or bonsai!

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