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The Bat Faced Flower - 4" Pot

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Perennial Cupheas are frost tender plants and only hardy in USDA zones 10-12.
With heavy mulching, they may survive the winters in zones 8 and 9, but will die back to the roots.
In all other zones these fast growing plants are grown as annuals or in planters so they can be brought indoors in the fall and treated as house plants in a bright, 60°-65° spot until they can be safely returned to the garden after the last frost in spring. Cupheas are somewhat difficult to maintain as year-round house plants unless you can provide them with 4 or more hours of direct sun every day.
Product Features
  • Bat-Face Cuphea (Bunny Ears, Cuphea llavea)
  • Bloom: summer to fall
  • Light: full sun to light shade
  • Height: 12-24"
    The Bat Faced Flower - 4" Pot - 9GreenBox