Looking For A Unique Gift For Father's Day?  Plus A Promo Code Inside!

Looking For A Unique Gift For Father's Day? Plus A Promo Code Inside!


We've selected a variety of plants that do well in the office or out in the yard, and are relatively easy to care for. We know dads get busy, so the less amount of care, the better. Check out our selection and see what you can surprise him with this holiday.


Lucky Bamboo are perfect for indoors, adapted to low light conditions and famous for their twists and spirals. With training, you can fashion them into a variety of styles. You can set them in a vase with either water or soil. If placed in water. make sure to change it out once a week, and only use distilled water. We sell glass, brown, black, and panda vases that can sit nicely on a desk.


Juniper trees are evergreen coniferous shrubs that thrive best outside in humid environments, making them perfect for the yard or the garage. They like at least five hours of bright sun a day, and only need to be watered when the soil looks dry. These bonsai are popular for the way their branches and leaves can be trimmed to form whatever shape you want them to, Use fish emulsion or a balanced fertilizer at half the dosage at least twice a month except for winter.

We sell Juniper in plastic and ceramic pots.


Chinese Elm are the most popular type of elm for bonsai. Their grand height can reach over 25 meters tall, but they can be kept manageably small. They love full sun to partial shade, and in areas of low frost can be kept outside for the winter. During dormancy, they may drop all their leaves. Water generously as soon as the soil gets dry. Frequently prune the branches and leaves to help it maintain the size you desire. Wires can be places along the trunk and branches to train the tree into forming elegant shapes.


The most striking feature of this plant is its thick trunk and exposed roots, creating the appearance of age. You can keep these plants outside or inside, although they require lots of light, so place them by a bright window. Ficus like humidity, so never allow the soil to completely dry between watering. We sell them with trays included so you can put water underneath the pot, providing additional humidity for the leaves. You can fertilize once a month with a balanced fertilizer at half the dosage.


Native to Central America, these plants are subtropical cactus known for bearing delicious fruit. They require relatively low maintenance and can live in soil that remains pretty much dry. They love full sun but they don't do well with temperatures that drop below 30F/-1C. They do well in containers and can be moved indoors for winter. A well draining, sandy soil is best. Use a balanced fertilizer once a month except for winter, and an addition of compost can be added sparingly to encourage growth.


Jade are succulents that crave high doses of sunlight. In bright conditions, their fleshy leaves can turn a vibrant red. Being drought tolerant, they can survive on little amounts of water due to how much moisture they can retain. You can plant them outside or place them in a container as a bonsai. Use a sandy, well draining soil so they don't get root rot.

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