3 Tips On Taking Care of Bonsai Trees That You Need To Know

3 Tips On Taking Care of Bonsai Trees That You Need To Know

THE MOST COMMON mistakes new bonsai owners make is buying without knowledge of how to take care of these plants. Don’t make that same mistake! In this short article, you will learn 3 crucial tips on how to take care of your tree that ensures it stays beautiful for a long time.

Water correctly.

Watering bonsai is not as simple as doing it routinely at your own convenience. Because they are more delicate that most plants, taking care of bonsai trees requires proper care and attention. A good practice is to observe the tree, particularly the topsoil to test whether it is completely dry. If it is, use a water can or hose and water with a gentle current, running it thoroughly until the water drains out at the bottom of the pot. Do so every few days to a week, and again – observe your plant carefully!

Give it sunlight.

Juniper plants  thrive best outside and should not remain inside for more than several days, as an indoor environment cannot provide necessary nutrition. Place your bonsai in an area sheltered from harsh wind and weather where they can receive full sunlight for at least six hours a day, year round. During winter if temperatures drop below twenty degrees, you should bring it to a sheltered place such as a garage or shed. When the tree is in dormancy it won’t require sunlight, but it will still need to be watered every two to three weeks. The leaves may temporarily turn brown, but they’ll turn green again in the spring.

Soil and fertilize.

Giving your plant the right soil will significantly prolong its beauty and lifespan. You need to use soil that retains well while draining quickly. Your soil also need to contain small particles to allow oxygen to reach the roots. Consider using specialty soils such as these. You also need to fertilize regularly, which is like vitamins for the plant. Fertilizing using slow release pellets will replenish the soil’s nutritional content and keep your bonsai healthy and strong.

While keeping your bonsai it’s best condition is an art form by itself, these are the 3 most crucial tips for beginners looking to grow their very own bonsai trees. The bonsai is a true beauty renowned for its meditative and calming effects so it’s worthwhile to spend effort on treating it well.

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