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9GreenBox - Venus Fly Trap w/ Gift Box Packing Large 3" Pot CARNIVOROUS DIONAEA

if you're looking for a fascinating carnivorous plant that is sure to keep you challenged and entertained, a Venus flytrap is just the ticket. The Venus flytrap grows wild in the sandy wetlands of northeastern South Carolina and southeastern North Carolina. If you can replicate the plant's natural temperate, boggy habitat, you'll have success with your Venus flytrap.
Product Features
  • The Venus Flytrap is a small plant whose structure can be described as a rosette of four to seven leaves, which arise from a short subterranean stem that is actually a bulb-like object.
  • Each stem reaches a maximum size of about three to ten centimeters, depending on the time of year.
  • Nature provides this remarkable plant with "traps" to lure and capture it's food
  • Plant the Venus flytrap in an environment in which 50 to 60 percent humidity can be maintained.
  • You will receive the large 3 " Pot Venus fly trap plants showing as pictures above.

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