Japanese Pagoda Tree 10 Seeds - Sophora - Bonsai

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Increasingly used as a bonsai. A tall deciduous tree to 60', hardy to zone 4; leaves ovate to 2" and in 3-8 pairs. Tiered appearance with sturdy branching.

Recommended Temperature Zone: USDA: 4-11


Sun Exposure: Full sun to light shade

Origin: China and Korea

Growth Habits: Deciduous medium to large tree, 40 to 60 feet tall and wide (12-24 m); young branches have olive-green bark; bright to dark green, pinnately compound leaves, 6 to 10 inches long (15-25 cm), 7 to 17 leaflets

Watering Needs: Little to moderate water, needs good drainage

Propagation: Seeds, occasionally softwood cuttings under mist, most named varieties are grafted

  • A miniature variety of Japanese Holly
  • Stems are very short, 1 foot at most
  • Very compact plant