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Hens & Chicks Poppy 250 Seeds - Papaver somniferum. One Stop Poppy Shoppe® Br...


250 Seeds. Papaver somniferum. Hens and Chicks. Enormous, Showy, Blooms. Pink blossoms with burgundy centers. These make a spectacular display. Single blooms over 8 inches across! The flowers give way to Large main pods (Hens) surrounded by many smaller pods (Chicks). FUN TO GROW!!! Also known as Florist Poppy, BreadSeed poppies produce incredibly showy, large single poppies. The flowers are followed by highly ornamental seed pods that are prized for floral arrangements. The pods are chocked-full of tiny seeds that are perfect for breadmaking and baking. 250 count poppy seed pack. Please see all the other poppy seed varieties available from One Stop Poppy Shoppe

Product Features
  • Annual. Freely re-seeds itself.
  • Very easy to grow 3-4 foot plants.
  • Plant in Spring or Fall.
  • Full sun to partial shade. Soil: any well drained.
  • Planting and growing instructions included.