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HelloPet USA - Replaceable Blade Stripper & Mud Cleaner

A replaceable blade stripper for all breeds that gives you a quick and easy way to groom. The stainless steel blades are rounded for safety to unravel mats and tangled hair while removing mud, dirt and other foreign materials. Maintaining a regular brushing habit with your pet promotes a healthy coat and decreases the amount of shedding in the home. Our pin pad is patented and the teeth will stick to the holder even after thousands of uses. Good grooming is not only about beauty, but also about good health. Giving the best to your pets!
Product Features
  • Stainless steel blades.
  • For all breeds.
  • Strips dirt, mud and other foreign materials.
  • Untangles mats and removes dead coat.
  • Gives the flexibility you need to deliver superior grooming results.