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Lucky Bamboo

Live bamboo stalks play an important part in feng shui and in Chinese culture. Bamboo is the Chinese symbol for strength, and it is admired for its fast growth and resilience. Thought to attract auspicious chi energy and bring good luck, small bamboo trees have different meanings depending on how many stalks there are. For instance, three stalks are supposed to bring happiness, long life and career promotions while eight stalks are supposed to increase fertility. Lucky bamboo is a popular gift for nearly any occasion: many people give this plant for housewarming gifts, birthdays, anniversaries and other positive events.

We place our good luck bamboo in pots ranging in different colors, shapes and sizes so you can choose the best fit for your space. Lucky bamboo is incredibly easy to take care of, and each plant includes free care instructions to ensure its long life. Buy lucky bamboo plants at 9GreenBox today and start increasing the positive energy in your home.