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9Greenbox Bonsai Seed Kit - Complete Starter Set for Growing Dwarf Trees - Seeds, Ceramic Vase, Potting Mix, Small Rocks, Instructional Guide - Hand-Crafted Gift-Ready Box - Japanese Cherry Blossom

ğŸŽ ALL-INCLUSIVE SET - No more additional trips to the store for this one. Our kit has everything you need to grow your very own bonsai tree: Multiple seeds, a vase, soil mix, pebbles, and a guide.

ğŸŽ NO GREEN THUMB REQUIRED - Start your own bonsai garden, sweat-free! No planting experience? No problem. Our kit comes with a set of instructions that are simple and easy to follow.

ğŸŽ PLANT WITH STYLE - Bonsai trees are satisfying to look at. We'll make yours extra special. From seed to full-grown, your dwarfed plant will surely be a sight to behold with our decorative vase.

ğŸŽ PERFECT GIFT FOR LOVED ONES - No matter the occasion, whoever the person, regardless of gender, our bonsai seed kit is a great present to give. We even included gift box that we made ourselves.

ğŸŽ GREAT FOR KIDS, TOO! - Kids will surely have a blast growing a bonsai tree. We made sure that itis simple enough for them to enjoy. Just make sure to supervise them in the preparation process.


If you have seen Asian people growing bonsai, trimming the branches and leaves ever so carefully, it can be intimidating. Sure, you can buy grown ones to display in your home or office. But there is quite a fulfilling feeling growing your own. Although the process requires patience, it does not mean that it is impossible.

The Bonsai Seed Kit by 9GreenBox will help you get started!

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