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Baby Musa Basjoo cold hardy banana plant


This easy to grow ornamental banana plant has long, slender, bright green leaves. The 'Basjoo' is the world's cold hardiest banana. It is hardy planted in the ground to -3°F and with protective mulching it can survive temperatures reaching down to -20°F. It lends a wonderful tropical look to landscapes even in temperate zones. * Temp: For best growth above 65°F is recommended. Wind tolerant * Light: Full sun to 30% shade. * Soil: Good water holding capacity is needed * Mature Height: 12-18' Bananas grow very fast. Keep them moist and plant in regular potting soil. Fertilize with a well-balanced product on a regular basis. These are about 18 inches high already, in 4-inch pots. We recommend increasing pot size as needed. Ultimately you'll need three gallon containers. Or just plant them in the ground if it's warm where you are. Keep them moist and fertilize on a regular basis. In northern climates, grow to about 5 feet before planting in the ground. You are purchasing one banana plant. We ship Priority Mail. And we guarantee safe arrival.

Product Features
  • Cold hardy banana plant
  • Large plant, about 18 inches high
  • Ornamental banana
  • Musa Basjoo

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