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Mojito Elephants Ear - Colocasia - 4" Pot - Indoors/Out

At 5-6 feet high and wide it's perfect in pots, spreading its graceful foliage over the border; or standing in solitary splendor in partly-shaded gardens. Interplant it with whites for a formal effect, or dress it up with bright green foliage plants and low-blooming flowers, it's great with lavender or pink! This plant has survived to Zone 7.
Product Features
  • Loves water, a great pond plant.
  • Hardy in Zones 7-10. In cooler regions it can be brought inside as a house plant in the winter.
  • Easy to grow.
  • Prefers sun or part-sun.
  • The starter plant you will receive is growing in a 4" pot. PPAF

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