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Sugarloaf Pineapple Plant - Ananas - Great Indoors/Out

Grow your own Sugarloaf Pineapple

5-6 lbs, white flesh with no woodiness in the center. Cylindrical in shape, it has a high sugar content but no acid. An incredibly delicious fruit and easy to grow houseplant!

Origin: The pineapple is native to southern Brazil and Paraguay where wild relatives occur.

Adaptation: The pineapples is a tropical or near-tropical plant, but will usually tolerate brief exposures to 28 degrees F. Pineapples are drought-tolerant and will produce fruit under yearly precipitation rates ranging from 25 - 150 in., depending on cultivar and location and degree of atmospheric humidity. They are successfully grown in southern Florida and coastal areas of southern California. The small plant adapts well to container and greenhouse culture and makes an interesting potted houseplant.

Growth Habit: The pineapple plant is a herbaceous perennial, 2-1/2 to 5 ft. high with a spread of 3 to 4 ft. It is essentially a short, stout stem with a rosette of waxy, straplike leaves.
Foliage: The long-pointed leaves are 20 - 72 in. in length, usually needle tipped and generally bearing sharp, upcurved spines on the margins.
Fruit: The oval to cylindrical-shaped, compound fruit develops from many small fruits fused together. It is both juicy and fleshy with the stem serving as the fibrous core. The tough, waxy rind may be dark green, yellow, orange-yellow or reddish when the fruit is ripe. The flesh ranges from nearly white to yellow. In size the fruits are up to 12 in. long and weigh 1 to 10 pounds or more.

Location: Pineapples should be planted where the temperature remains warmest, such as the south side of a home, or in a sunny portion of the garden. They also make an excellent houseplant.

Product Features
  • White flesh with no woodiness in the center
  • High sugar content but no acid
  • Incredibly delicious fruit and easy to grow houseplant
  • The pineapple is native to southern Brazil and Paraguay
  • The starter plant you will receive is growing in a 3 1/2" pot and is about 4" tall.