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Air Plant

Native to Central and South America, soilless Tillandsia bromeliads are known for their unusual growing habits. As the name suggests, these interesting houseplants can grow – and thrive – without soil. Tillandsia plants, or live air plants, gain most of their nutrients from the air through their leaves rather than from soil through roots. This amazing growth ability makes them extremely versatile; owners can style their air plants many ways, such as hanging them from the ceiling in a terrarium or mounting them on a branch or wooden post. At 9GreenBox, we offer a variety of terrarium kits and decorations. Try adding a beachy twist to your air plant by storing it in one of our sea urchins or murex shells.

No matter where you display these air-purifying indoor house plants, they are sure to add a creative and natural element to any space. They also demand very little attention, making them a great choice for new plant owners. Shop these beautiful homegrown plants at 9GreenBox today!